Joe Biden and a Tear in the Fabric of America: How His Presidency is Shaping the Nation

Joe Biden’s presidency comes at a critical moment for America. The country, grappling with deep divisions, is experiencing what some describe as a tear in the fabric of things. But what does this mean? In essence, it refers to the significant shifts and challenges that are unraveling the threads holding the nation together.

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Pluralist Points: Democracy as a Civic Bargain

Ever wondered why democracy still holds strong in our complex societies? At its core, democracy is a civic bargain, an agreement among citizens to follow collective rules and engage in shared governance. This concept, illuminated by thinkers like Josiah Ober, underscores the idea that democracy thrives on the active participation and negotiation of its diverse members. In today’s political climate, understanding democracy as a dynamic, pluralist system is crucial for fostering resilient and inclusive governance. This post will explore how these ideas shape our political landscape and why they matter more than ever.

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Why America Isn’t British (And That’s Great)

Have you ever wondered why America isn’t British? It might seem obvious, but the unique path the United States has taken since its break from Britain has created something special. While both nations share a rich history, America’s divergence has shaped it into a land of innovation and individualism. This separation isn’t just interesting—it’s really beneficial.

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