England vs West Indies Match ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Highlights

The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 gave cricket fans an electrifying showdown between England and the West Indies. This match was more than just a game; it was a clash of titans with both teams bringing their A-game. England’s powerful batting lineup went head-to-head against the West Indies’ explosive bowlers, creating a nail-biting experience.

Whether you’re a die-hard cricket fan or just catching up on the action, we’ve got you covered. Our highlights will break down the most crucial moments, thrilling plays, and unexpected twists. Expect a detailed recap of every six, wicket, and turning point that made this match unforgettable. Dive in and relive the excitement of one of the most talked-about games of the tournament.

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Match Preview

As cricket fans geared up for one of the biggest matches in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, the anticipation was palpable. Both England and the West Indies came into the game with a reputation for thrilling cricket. The match promised to be a showcase of skill, strategy, and intense competition.

Team Form and Recent Performances

Before the match, both teams had displayed strong forms. England had a solid run in the previous matches, showing why they are one of the top teams in T20 cricket. Their batting lineup, led by their aggressive openers and a strong middle order, consistently put up big totals. England’s bowlers were also in great shape, with fast bowlers and spinners working in tandem to keep the opposition in check.

  • England:
    • Strong batting performances
    • Consistent bowling efforts
    • Key wins in the lead-up matches

On the other hand, the West Indies had their own set of impressive performances. Known for their explosive batting style, the West Indies team brought sheer power to the pitch. Their aggressive approach paid off in several matches, as they chased down high targets with relative ease. While their bowling hadn’t been as consistent, individual brilliance often turned the tide in their favor.

  • West Indies:
    • Explosive batting displays
    • Unpredictable yet impactful bowling
    • Key individual performances

Key Players

Both teams had standout players expected to make a big impact. For England, Jos Buttler was a player to watch. His role as an opener and wicketkeeper made him crucial in setting the pace for the game. Alongside him, Ben Stokes was another game-changer with his all-round abilities.

  • England:
    • Jos Buttler: Powerful opening batsman and reliable wicketkeeper
    • Ben Stokes: All-rounder capable of changing the game with both bat and ball

For the West Indies, Chris Gayle was the name on everyone’s lips. Known for his ability to hit massive sixes, he was expected to be the cornerstone of their batting. Meanwhile, Kieron Pollard and his experience in T20 cricket brought valuable depth and leadership to the team.

  • West Indies:
    • Chris Gayle: Explosive batsman with a knack for big scores
    • Kieron Pollard: Experienced all-rounder and strategic captain

As the teams took to the field, all eyes were on these key players and their ability to deliver under pressure. Fans knew that their performances could very well decide the outcome of this highly anticipated match.

Toss and Team Line-ups

Before diving into the dazzling performances and key moments, let’s start with the critical moments that set the stage for this epic match.

Toss Result

As the captains walked out for the toss, the tension was palpable. England won the toss and decided to bat first. This decision was based on the team’s confidence in their batting lineup and the belief that setting a high target would put pressure on the West Indies.

England’s Starting XI

England came into this match with a strong and balanced lineup. Each player brought unique skills to the team, making them a formidable opponent.

  1. Jos Buttler (C & WK) – The captain and wicketkeeper is known for his quick scoring and leadership.
  2. Jason Roy – A dynamic opener who can get the team off to a flying start.
  3. Dawid Malan – Solid top-order batsman with a knack for playing long innings.
  4. Jonny Bairstow – Versatile batsman who can anchor the innings or accelerate quickly.
  5. Eoin Morgan – Experienced middle-order batsman and former captain.
  6. Ben Stokes – All-rounder who can change the game with both bat and ball.
  7. Liam Livingstone – Hard-hitting batsman known for his big sixes.
  8. Chris Woakes – Reliable bowler who can also contribute valuable runs.
  9. Adil Rashid – Premier leg-spinner who adds variety to the bowling attack.
  10. Jofra Archer – Fast bowler capable of delivering sharp spells.
  11. Mark Wood – Fast bowler who complements Archer with pace and accuracy.

West Indies’ Starting XI

The West Indies brought a blend of experience and youth, aiming to showcase their explosive style of play.

  1. Kraigg Brathwaite (C) – The captain, known for his steady batting at the top.
  2. Evin Lewis – Aggressive opener with a track record of fast starts.
  3. Chris Gayle – The ‘Universe Boss’ renowned for his power-hitting.
  4. Shimron Hetmyer – Young, talented batsman with a fearless approach.
  5. Kieron Pollard – Veteran all-rounder with experience in big matches.
  6. Nicholas Pooran (WK) – Skilled wicketkeeper-batsman who can accelerate the innings.
  7. Andre Russell – Powerful all-rounder who can change the game in an over.
  8. Dwayne Bravo – Experienced all-rounder known for his bowling variations.
  9. Fabian Allen – Dynamic fielder and useful lower-order batsman.
  10. Sheldon Cottrell – Left-arm fast bowler with the ability to swing the ball.
  11. Obed McCoy – Young pacer who has impressed with his skills in recent matches.

With both teams boasting such talent, fans knew they were in for an unforgettable match. The stage was set for an intense battle, beginning with England’s decision to bat and their powerful lineup ready to take on the West Indies’ dynamic bowlers.

First Innings Highlights

The first innings of the match promised excitement and drama from the get-go. England, having won the toss, decided to bat first, setting the tone for what would be a thrilling contest.

England’s Batting Innings

England started their innings with confidence. Jos Buttler and Jason Roy walked out to open the batting and quickly made their intentions clear. Buttler, in particular, showed why he’s considered one of the best T20 batsmen.

  • Jos Buttler’s Aggression: Right from the start, Buttler went after the bowlers. His powerful hitting and quick running between the wickets put the West Indies bowlers under pressure. Buttler smashed 50 runs off just 26 balls, setting a solid foundation for England.
  • Steady Support from Roy: While Buttler was the aggressor, Roy played a steady hand. He rotated the strike well and ensured that England kept the scoreboard ticking. Roy’s sensible batting complemented Buttler’s explosiveness.
  • Middle Order Resilience: After the fall of Buttler, Dawid Malan and Jonny Bairstow took over. Malan’s calm approach helped stabilize the innings, while Bairstow added quick runs to maintain the momentum. Malan’s 40 off 35 balls was crucial in the middle overs.
  • Explosive Finish by Stokes and Livingstone: Towards the end of the innings, Ben Stokes and Liam Livingstone took charge. Stokes, known for his all-round abilities, played some breathtaking shots. Livingstone, with his big-hitting skills, ensured that England finished on a high note. The duo added 60 runs in the last four overs, pushing England’s total to a commanding 190 runs.

England’s batting was a perfect blend of aggression and composure, creating a challenging target for the West Indies.

West Indies’ Bowling Performance

The West Indies’ bowlers faced a tough task against a strong English lineup. Although they had some tough moments, a few standout performances kept them in the game.

  • Sheldon Cottrell’s Early Strikes: Cottrell provided an early breakthrough by dismissing Roy with a sharp in-swinger. His disciplined line and length troubled the English openers, but Buttler’s aggressive approach offset this early success.
  • Dwayne Bravo’s Variations: Bravo demonstrated his experience and skill by mixing up his deliveries. His variations in pace and clever use of slower balls made it difficult for the English batsmen to score freely in the middle overs. Bravo’s figures of 2 for 28 in four overs were impressive amidst the onslaught.
  • Fabian Allen’s Spin: Allen was effective in the middle overs, using his spin to stifle the English batsmen. He managed to pick up the key wicket of Malan, which momentarily slowed down the scoring rate. Allen’s spell of 1 for 30 provided some control for the West Indies.

Though the West Indies bowlers had moments of brilliance, the overall onslaught by England’s batsmen made it challenging for them to contain the runs. The target of 190 was seen as formidable but not unreachable, setting up an exciting chase.

Second Innings Highlights

As the West Indies geared up to chase England’s formidable total of 190, the atmosphere was electric. The pressure was high, but the West Indies’ batting lineup was known for its explosive power. Every fan was on the edge of their seat, eager to see if the West Indies could pull off the chase.

West Indies’ Batting Innings

The West Indies’ innings kicked off with a mix of aggression and caution. Their game plan seemed clear: build a steady foundation and then unleash their power hitters.

  • Evin Lewis’ Quick Start: Evin Lewis gave the West Indies a strong start. His aggressive batting made an immediate impact, hitting boundaries with ease. He scored a fast-paced 40 runs off 22 balls, putting England on the back foot early on.
  • Chris Gayle’s Big Hitting: Chris Gayle, the “Universe Boss,” stepped up after Lewis’ departure. True to his style, Gayle cleared the boundary ropes with his trademark towering sixes. His 35 runs off 18 balls included some mammoth hits, energizing the West Indies’ chase.
  • Middle-Order Contributions: After the openers fell, Shimron Hetmyer and Nicholas Pooran kept the scoreboard moving. Hetmyer’s fearless approach yielded a quick 28 runs, while Pooran stabilized the innings with a tactical 32 runs. Their partnership was crucial in keeping the chase alive.
  • Key Turning Point – The Pollard-Russell Stand: The partnership between Kieron Pollard and Andre Russell was the game-changer. They resurrected the innings when it seemed to be slipping away. Pollard’s experience and Russell’s sheer power blended perfectly. Pollard’s 45 runs off 24 balls and Russell’s 38 runs off 16 balls turned the match on its head, bringing the West Indies tantalizingly close to the target.

With powerful hitting and steady partnerships, the West Indies stayed in the game, making for a thrilling chase.

England’s Bowling Performance

England’s bowlers faced a tough task against the fiery West Indies’ batsmen. While they had their moments of control, the battle was intense.

  • ** Early Breakthroughs by Jofra Archer**: Archer struck early, dismissing Lewis with a blazing yorker. His pace and accuracy put the West Indies’ batsmen under pressure. Archer’s initial spell yielded 2 wickets, keeping England in the hunt.
  • ** Mark Wood’s Consistency**: Wood kept a tight line, making it difficult for the batsmen to score freely. His disciplined bowling in the middle overs stifled the West Indies’ run rate temporarily. Wood’s figures of 1/35 reflected his steady performance.
  • Adil Rashid’s Spin Magic: Rashid was effective with his leg-spin, picking up crucial wickets in the middle. His dismissal of Gayle was a key moment, as Gayle was looking dangerous. Rashid’s control and variations showcased his skill, earning him 3/28.
  • Death Overs Drama: The final overs were a test of nerves. Chris Woakes and Ben Stokes stepped up during this critical phase. Woakes’ accurate yorkers and Stokes’ clever variations contained the West Indies’ surge. Despite the late onslaught by Pollard and Russell, their efforts ensured that England remained in contention till the last over.

Though England’s bowlers faced a fierce challenge, their collective effort kept the match alive till the very end. The inches-close finish added to the excitement, making it a memorable contest.

Key Highlights and Turning Points

In an exciting clash between England and the West Indies at the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, several key moments defined the match. These highlights and turning points kept fans on the edge of their seats and proved to be decisive in the outcome.

Crucial Wickets

The game saw several crucial wickets that shifted the momentum back and forth between the two teams.

  • Early Strike by Sheldon Cottrell: Cottrell delivered an early blow to England by dismissing opener Jason Roy with a sharp in-swinger. This early wicket put the West Indies on the front foot.
  • Jofra Archer’s Key Breakthroughs: Archer struck twice in his initial spell, removing the dangerous Evin Lewis and another top-order batsman. His pace and precision were vital in putting England back in control.
  • Adil Rashid’s Middle Overs Magic: Rashid’s leg-spin brought crucial wickets, including the dismissal of Chris Gayle. Gayle’s wicket was pivotal as he was looking dangerous with his aggressive shots.

Each of these wickets played a significant role in the ebb and flow of the match, showcasing the high-stakes nature of the game.

Standout Batting Performances

Both teams witnessed some exceptional batting that turned the tide at various stages of the match.

  • Jos Buttler’s Explosive Start: Buttler’s aggressive innings of 50 runs off 26 balls laid a strong foundation for England. His quick scoring put the West Indies bowlers under immediate pressure.
  • Kieron Pollard’s Impactful Knock: Pollard’s experience shone through with his 45 runs off 24 balls. His innings included crucial boundaries that kept the West Indies’ hopes alive during the chase.
  • Andre Russell’s Late Charge: Russell’s powerful 38 runs off just 16 balls almost pulled off the miraculous chase for the West Indies. His big-hitting in the death overs made the match thrilling till the very last ball.

These standout performances were the backbone of the match, showcasing the incredible talent and resilience of the players.

Memorable Moments

The match had its share of memorable moments that fans will talk about for years to come.

  • Sheldon Cottrell’s Salute Celebration: Cottrell’s iconic military-style salute after taking Jason Roy’s wicket was a fan-favorite moment, adding to the match’s drama.
  • Fielding Brilliance by Evin Lewis: Lewis stunned everyone with a diving catch to dismiss Ben Stokes. His athletic effort was a highlight reel moment, showing the high stakes and athleticism of the game.
  • The Last Over Thriller: The final over of the match was a nerve-wracking affair. England’s Chris Woakes had to defend a small total against a rampaging Andre Russell. The tension and excitement of those last six balls made for an unforgettable climax.

These memorable moments added color and excitement to the match, making it a truly spectacular event that fans won’t soon forget.

Post-Match Analysis

The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 match between England and the West Indies provided fans with an exhilarating experience. Both teams showcased their talents in batting and bowling, making it a memorable contest. Here’s a deep dive into how each team performed and the player who left a lasting impact.

England’s Performance Review


England’s batting lineup came out strong and determined. Jos Buttler was the standout performer, displaying aggression right from the start. His quick 50 off 26 balls laid down the gauntlet for the West Indies. Alongside him, Jason Roy provided steady support, ensuring a solid opening partnership.

As the match progressed, Dawid Malan and Jonny Bairstow took over the reins. Malan’s calm and composed 40 off 35 balls was crucial in stabilizing the innings, while Bairstow kept the momentum going with a quick-fire 25. But it was Ben Stokes and Liam Livingstone who stole the show towards the end. Their explosive batting added 60 runs in just the last four overs, pushing England to an impressive total of 190.


On the bowling front, Jofra Archer and Mark Wood were the key players for England. Archer’s early breakthroughs, including the dismissal of the dangerous Evin Lewis, set the tone. His pace and accuracy were evident as he picked up 2 crucial wickets. Mark Wood complemented Archer well, maintaining a tight line and length, making it tough for the West Indies to score freely.

Adil Rashid’s leg-spin proved to be a trump card for England. Rashid took 3 pivotal wickets, including Chris Gayle, with his clever variations. In the death overs, Chris Woakes and Ben Stokes held their nerve. Woakes’ precise yorkers and Stokes’ smart use of variations contained the West Indies’ aggressive hitters, ensuring England remained in contention till the very end.

West Indies’ Performance Review


The West Indies’ batting lineup delivered a thrilling chase. Evin Lewis set the tone with an aggressive start, smashing 40 runs off 22 balls. His quick runs made an immediate impact, putting England on the defensive. Following Lewis, Chris Gayle showcased why he’s still a force to be reckoned with. His 35 off 18 balls, filled with towering sixes, electrified the crowd.

In the middle order, Shimron Hetmyer and Nicholas Pooran kept the scoreboard ticking. Hetmyer’s fearless 28 and Pooran’s tactical 32 provided stability. However, it was Kieron Pollard and Andre Russell who nearly clinched the game for the West Indies. Pollard’s 45 and Russell’s explosive 38 off 16 balls brought the team within inches of victory.


On the bowling side, Sheldon Cottrell gave the West Indies an early breakthrough by dismissing Jason Roy. His disciplined line and length troubled the English openers. Dwayne Bravo’s experience shone through as he used his variations to stifle England’s scoring in the middle overs. Bravo’s 2 for 28 in his allocated overs was a standout.

Fabian Allen’s spin provided some control in the middle, snaring the vital wicket of Dawid Malan. Despite these efforts, the West Indies’ bowlers struggled to contain the onslaught from Buttler, Stokes, and Livingstone, which ultimately allowed England to set a challenging target.

Player of the Match

The Player of the Match award went to Jos Buttler for his explosive batting performance. Buttler set the tone for England’s innings with his aggressive and smart play. His quick 50 off 26 balls not only provided a strong start but also demoralized the West Indies’ bowlers.

Buttler’s Contributions:

  • Aggressive Start: His rapid scoring put immediate pressure on the bowlers.
  • Foundation: Laid a solid foundation for the middle and lower order to build on.
  • Leadership: As captain, he led from the front, showing poise under pressure.

Buttler’s innings was a masterclass in T20 batting, combining power with precision. His ability to find gaps and clear the boundary at will made him a deserving recipient of the Player of the Match accolade.

The post-match analysis highlights the intense battle between two cricket giants. Both teams had their moments of brilliance, but it was the collective effort by England, spearheaded by Buttler, that made the difference. Fans were treated to a match filled with thrilling performances and unforgettable moments.

Implications for the Tournament

The thrilling match between England and the West Indies had significant implications for the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. Let’s dig into how the result affected the points table and what fans can look forward to in the upcoming matches.

Points Table Impact

This high-stakes match had a clear impact on the tournament standings. After England’s remarkable performance, the points table saw some notable changes.

  • England’s Rise: With their victory, England secured crucial points, climbing up in the tournament rankings. This win gave them an edge in their quest for a spot in the semifinals. Their higher net run rate from this match also strengthened their position.
  • West Indies’ Setback: On the other hand, the loss was a setback for the West Indies. Dropping points meant they needed to win their remaining matches to keep their semifinal hopes alive. They also had to focus on improving their net run rate to stay competitive.

As a result, the dynamics of the points table shifted, making upcoming matches even more critical for both teams.

Future Matches

The road ahead for both teams is challenging and full of opportunities. Let’s take a look at what lies ahead and what fans should watch for.

England’s Upcoming Matches

England’s schedule includes some tough encounters. Here are a few key matches to look out for:

  • Against Australia: This traditional rivalry is always intense. Keep an eye on England’s batting against Australia’s feared pace attack. It could be a match that decides the group standings.
  • Against India: Another big clash. England will need to be at their best to tackle India’s balanced team. Watch for England’s bowling strategies against India’s strong batting lineup.
  • Against South Africa: South Africa’s unpredictable game style can be tricky. England will need to be cautious and flexible in their approach.

West Indies’ Upcoming Matches

The West Indies, needing to bounce back, also have crucial games ahead:

  • Against Pakistan: Pakistan’s form has been solid. The West Indies’ bowlers must be sharp to contain Pakistan’s aggressive batting. Expect a high-scoring match.
  • Against New Zealand: Known for their disciplined cricket, New Zealand will test the West Indies’ resilience. The key will be the West Indies’ middle order making steady contributions.
  • Against Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka can be unpredictable and will pose a different kind of challenge. The West Indies’ experience will be vital to handle high-pressure situations.

Each of these matches is critical. The outcomes will determine their journeys in the tournament, making every game a must-watch event.


The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 match between England and the West Indies was nothing short of spectacular. England’s batsmen delivered a solid performance, with standout contributions from Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes. Their bowlers held their nerve in critical moments, securing a well-deserved victory.

The West Indies showed their trademark flair and power, almost pulling off a stunning chase. Despite the loss, they remain a strong contender in the tournament, thanks to the explosive batting of Evin Lewis and Andre Russell.

This match has set the tone for the rest of the tournament. England’s win boosts their semifinal chances, while the West Indies must regroup to stay in contention.

Fans can expect more thrilling matches ahead as every game now carries immense weight in shaping the road to the finals. Stay tuned for more high-octane cricket action.

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